Direktor Series Collection

A limited edition 200g box sets featuring Panamanian coffees personally selected and curated by our Center Direktor - Silvester Dan Samonte . Each roast have been meticulously profiled and perfected for home brewers and coffee enthusiast in search for rare and exciting flavors in their cups.
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What makes a single cup of coffee worth over a grand? 

Panamanian Geisha varietal have been known to demonstrate floral and delicate notes of jasmin, bergamot, peach, lemongrass, and red fruits. Each coffee process imparts a different flavor note

Originating in Ethiopia, Geisha coffee 


Lamastus Family Estates specializes in Geisha coffee, a variety originating in Ethiopia. Geisha coffee (also spelled Gesha) has become popularized worldwide by Panama as a luxury-statement coffee after the varietal was discovered in 2004 in Chiriquí, Panama by way of Costa Rica by Daniel Peterson from Hacienda La Esmeralda.

So what makes a single pound of coffee worth over a grand? For even the utmost discerning coffee drinkers, Panama Geisha is worth its astronomically high price tag due to its rarity, production costs, and superior flavor. And for those who don’t consider themselves coffee snobs per se, Panama Geishas have been known to change minds in a single sip.

The Geisha varietal grown in Boquete and Chiriquí demonstrates the varietal’s hallmark floral and delicate notes of jasmine, bergamot, peach, lemongrass, and red fruits. Geisha can be processed, washed, natural, or any special process.

“These qualities [of Panama Geishas] are hard to replicate in other Geisha-producing countries because they do not have the same special altitudes and soils as in Panama,” says Lamastus Jr.


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