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 Get lost in the beauty of the Philippines and the tasty coffees sourced from across the country.

Specialty Coffee roastery in the heart of El Nido, Palawan; we focus on roasting single origin Philippine specialty coffees and craft custom coffee blends which showcase the hard-work from farmers and producers around the country. 

 Our coffees and blends are meticulously crafted by our center director with help from our team of coffee tasters and drinkers. 

Espresso Blend

Single Origin

Sourcing rare Philippine Coffees

Uncover Regional Flavour Profiles

Start your coffee adventure

Find us at

Lost Islands Center for Kape

Amboy street, Barangay Maligaya, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, 5313

lick.elnido@gmail.com | (048) 716 7344 | 0919 979 7997