Kalsada 3005 Kisbong Garnica Washed

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These are farm direct from exclusive lots harvested from Sitio Kisbong, Atok, Benguet. Arabica coffee produced sweet with a present sweet citrus acidity, caramel-honey with a taste of stone fruit.

Brewing Notes:

2 size V60
Medium Fine Grind Size
Water Temp.: 93-95°C
30g beans
500-545g water


1.  Bloom or double bloom with 30-90ml water in 1 minute.
2. 200-250g in the first pour then the remaining in the last pour.*
3. Finish by 2:30-3:00 minutes

*use a circle pour to bring up the bed then center pour to keep in high for first pour then low bed pour for the last one.